myTrimet Frequently Asked Questions!

Can I plan a trip using myTrimet?

No. is not designed to replace functionality found at It's designed to augment TriMet's current offerings. If you are planning a trip, go to first. is designed for folks like me who ride the bus every day, and occasionally deviate from a regular commute.

What if I want to know about other arrivals coming to my stop?

While your arrivals are displaying, you can touch 'Show All Arrivals for this Stop' to see other buses arriving at your stop. When you're done, you can toggle back to just your bus.

What if I want to know arrivals at another stop, and don't want to mess up my regular schedule?

For those occasions when you deviate from your regular commute, or just want to check on another stop, your can click 'Temporarily Override Current Stop', enter the Stop ID, and will instantly display all arrivals for that stop. It will keep displaying arrivals until you hit 'Back to Current Stop' or exit the application. Then will return to your regular schedule.

Will work on an Android phone?

Yes. was originally designed to work on iPhone, but it also works great on most high-end smart phones with fast internet access. Also works well on wireless laptops and regular desktops.

How come I'm not seeing see any arrivals right now?

You may not be seeing any arrivals because there may not be any on TriMet's system at the moment. Remember, only shows arrivals currently in their GPS system. It does not show 'scheduled' arrivals. This was done deliberately to minimize bandwith. If you are riding the bus every day, you already know when the bus is supposed to arrive! Why transmit information you already know? If you need that informaiton, check with

Does myTrimet use cookies?

Yes. uses cookies to 'remember' your morning and afternoon stops. If you do not permit cookies to be set, myTrimet will not work.

Is myTrimet safe?

Yes! is guaranteed 100% safe and warranted free of any malware, spyware, or viruses. We do not collect email addresses or any personally identifiable information. If you write to us, we will respond, but we will never sell your email address. Period.

Why are you doing this?

Well it certainly isn't for the money! I ride the bus every day so it started mostly for my convenience. Many of my fellow passengers were also interested so I'm giving out the link to anyone who will use it. If more folks in Portland use mass transit, we'll all be better off! (PS, If you want to thank me, you can buy me a cup of coffee next time you see me at Starbucks or send $3.50 to my PayPal account and I promise to buy myself a Caramel Macchiato.)

Remember to bookmark the site by pressing the '+' sign, then choose 'Add to Home Screen'. That will place this icon myTrimet on your screen so you'll have your arrivals with a single touch.

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